We offer to produce a musical work that you can present your loved ones with. This work shall be truly unique and dedicated directly to the particular person. Thus, it is a complex hand-made product, starting with its composition, through printing the music sheet until the production of the CD.

You may choose from three options:

1. Music sheet with a dedication + recording with no live instruments
2. Music sheet with a dedication + live recording made by a chamber ensemble / orchestra
3. Music sheet with a dedication + live concert of a chamber ensemble / orchestra


Type of work Duration in min. Delivery time
Chamber work 10-15 1 month
Song cycle 10-15 2 months
Symphonic piece 15-45 3 months
Vocal music piece with instrumental accompaniment 30-90 4 months

The duration and delivery time stated above are indicative. The delivery time concerns option 1 of the product. In case of choosing option 2 or 3, the delivery time shall be specified based on an agreement and your particular requirements.

If you are interested in a different type of work (an aria, an opera, etc.) or in further information, do not hesitate to contact us.